Step by Step Guide to Gettting the Most From Linkedin for Personal,
Business, and Professional Growth.


I ran away from LInkedin for 4 Years.

This is unbelievable, right? I can't believe I did that either lol


If anyone told me five years ago that I, ADEOLA Osideko will be here, putting a course together on how to navigate LinkedIn and make the best of it, I would have laughed so hard...

I know what I mean 😊

But here I am anyway, doing this and with all my heart, do you know why?

Don’t worry, read on!

LinkedIn was a very hard nut to crack when I newly signed up there.

I even got myself banned after a few weeks of roaming around aimlessly without knowing what to make of the platform.

When I realized it wasn’t working, I ran away for four good years.

How I wish I had the LINKEDIN FORMULA then, or knew someone who did.

My consolation is that I AM HERE NOW...

So why am I here?

🛑 I am here to make sure you won’t have to run away for four years before discovering the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES on this platform.

🛑 I am here to make life on LINKEDIN easy for you, so much that you start wondering where you have been all along.


Are you curious already? Actually,  I’d be too if I were you.

Why did I say so? I said this because people are really winning on LInkedin and guess what?

Consistency combined with value pays very fast and furiously there (you can smile at my choice of adjectives actually)

Check yourself well and see if you fall under any of these categories:

✔️ You have been hearing of LinkedIn but don’t know what to make of it.

The Linkedin Formula will show you practical ways you can get to use the platform to your advantage without breaking a sweat.

✔️ You have finally decided to give LinkedIn a trial but you are still very confused, you don’t know where to belong yet (I was here four years ago too)

I am serious when I say I know how you feel. But do you know that the Linkedin Formula will also show you how to get engagement? You will be able to connect with people in your industry with ease and belong somewhere safe and sound.

✔️ You see your friends getting popular on LinkedIn, becoming influencers within a short space of time while you have never gotten a simple hello from a serious person there.

I guess you didn’t know there is a formula they used to give them such high visibility, this is what I am offering you now, you don't need to be a spectator anymore, it is your turn to get into the limelight and have others clap for you just like your friends.

✔️ You have been trying your best on LinkedIn but your page seems to lack visibility no matter how much effort you put into it.

The Linkedin Formular will show you practical ways to absolute dominance on LInkedin. Do you know what LInkedin mean? Try to pronounce it separately and what you will get is LINKED IN.
My Linkedin Formula sure will get you Linked in to your right audience.

✔️ Other Social Media Platforms are not giving you the result you need because your dream is to earn in dollars some day.

I know you are here because you are as serious minded as I am, you are result oriented so I understand why you want to earn in Dollars.
Linkedin has the audience that can pay you in that currency but you need to be there first.
You already know where the world is, not just your friends and family but the world. My LInkedin Formula gets you exactly where you belong. Guess where you should be if you belong to any of these categories? It’s in my TRIBE!

So, I haven't told you what you will learn yet? pardon me...

Here's what you will learn:

📍Step by step of how to navigate LinkedIn with ease.

📍 How to get Jobs on LinkedIn

📍 How to get visible on LinkedIn. This one is a no-brainer😉

It is the bedrock of all the aforementioned. With the more visibility you have, the more your brand will grow.

📍 The 4 Cs of LinkedIn growth. I won’t tell you what I’m they are just yet, were you expecting me to? Oh no…

📍 How to get engagement on your LinkedIn post. Well, there are some formulas to this thing indeed and that is why you are here, I will show you how it’s done.

📍How to sell your brand and make money on LinkedIn. How can you be on LinkedIn and not make money off it?

📍 How to get International opportunities on LinkedIn.

You might think “oh, here comes another coach who wants to reduce my bank account balance”

But hear me out first…

I am the COACH WITH SAUCE for a reason.

I have coached over 10,000 people who have at one point purchased my online course or attended my online training.

Most of them have nothing but praises for my online courses.

You feel the vibe too, don’t you?

So what have I even gained from LinkedIn?…

I will tell you just because I can’t teach you what I haven’t practiced, it’s not possible!

I want you to win too and that is why I am here.

I am not selfish at all, rather than giving a man fish, isn’t it better to show him how to fish?

Before then, he must buy a hook and a line

What is this telling you?

It means you must spend a little money to learn at least.









How long do you think it will take you to achieve this great level on LInkedin?

Let's Continue... but before then, click on that yellow box now!

International Awards

♦️Through LinkedIn, I got my first ever International Award from a renowned Peace Magazine in Nigeria and then another one in London.

Countless Brand Influencer Deals

♦️ I just recently signed a long term brand influencer deal with a Digital MarketPlace called Tribearc, you are on their site right now, you should try them out too when you are ready to launch your online courses, I know you will get here someday too.

♦️ I have been able to live my passion of impacting lives and helping individuals discover their hidden potentials

High Visibilty

♦️ I have peace of mind on LinkedIn, no one is trolling or trying to bring me down, everyone faces their growth and minds it..

♦️ My Brand is reaching just the right audience I need for it, people who can afford my value’s worth.

So tell me... there any other place you’d rather be?

Let me break your burbles again, growing on LINKEDIN is very easy unlike other Social Media platforms.

You won’t know until you are in. I am sure You want the LINKEDIN FORMULA,


The price is N15,000/$20 only

This is nothing but chicken change compared to what you will gain from the platform (if you follow all my teachings)


You will like this...

Did you know I have some side attractions attached to this course?
Oh of course I do!

They are eye catching BONUSES in form of E-BOOKS that are worth over $500 put together but of course, You are getting them all for FREE! Tell me who else gives this kind of freebie if not the Coach with Sauce?

Just tell me you what this already

I will be giving you as a BONUS 3 E-Books to further help you gain more clarity on how to use LinkedIn to your advantage


These E-Books are worth over $500 but guess what?

You will get them for free!

🎯 LinkedIn Money Blueprint

Where did you say you’d rather be again? I have totally dissected LinkedIn for you, all you need to do is grab this Course now!

🎯 Personal Branding for Career Professionals.

I am first of all a Personal Branding Expert before anything else. If I have a book on this, you should know it’s hotcake.

🎯 Linkedin checklist

What you should or shouldn’t do on LinkedIn.

I’m not done yet…

You also get FREE ACCESS to my Support Community And Free access TO MINTA’S TRIBE INNER CIRCLE worth $350 per annum.

You will have direct access to me and will have answers to any questions.

Still doubting whether to pay for this course or not?

Still don’t know why you should be on LinkedIn or take it more seriously?

Well, the world is at your feet, it’s left to you to make it your footstool or just allow it to dictate your next steps.

The choice is all yours!



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